Four Things to Look for in Any Conformal Coating to be Used on PCBs

A completed printed circuit board (PCB) can sometimes be left as-is, whether because of financial considerations or the lack of a need for additional reliability. In most other cases, though, it will make sense to protect a completed, functional PCB to make a subsequent failure less likely.

This most often means applying a conformal coating that covers and adheres to the entire board and all of its components. Choosing a pcb coating that is especially appropriate to a particular product and situation will always be helpful.

Advanced Coatings Perform Well in Every Relevant Respect

Although they might not look like much to the average person, modern conformal coatings result from impressive amounts of research and development. Going far beyond the basics, the best contemporary coatings perform well in a wide variety of important, valuable respects.

As such, users of conformal coatings will always do well to set a high bar before settling on any one option. Some of the features and characteristics it most often pays to insist on include:

  • Non-conductivity. Conformal coatings meant for application to PCBs should be entirely non-conductive. Although there are other types of coatings that display some amount of conductivity, this will never be acceptable for a PCB.
  • Thermal resilience. All electronic devices are impacted by temperature fluctuations, and conformal coatings are often applied to help insulate them from such variations. Coatings themselves must also be able to stand up well to temperature swings if they are to serve this purpose.
  • Impermeability. One of the features that makes many conformal coatings so appropriate for use on PCBs is that they create a continuous, unbroken layer of protection. A coating that is to any extent permeable can never achieve this and should be avoided.
  • Durability. Even a coating that provides a high level of protection could be less than appropriate if it wears and deteriorates too quickly. The best conformal coatings today hold up well for years even in harsh environments.

The Best Way to Protect Many PCBs

Coatings that perform well in these respects tend to make valuable additions to PCBs that are in need of protection. Choosing an especially high-quality coating can be just as important as the design of a PCB.

3 Lessons Learned:

Factors to Consider When Choosing Business Consulting Expert

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Important Information About Fleet Management

In the US, fleet management requires the owners to maintain not just the vehicle but also the exhaust system. It is the exhaust system that prevents the trucks from passing inspections. Reviewing important information about fleet management shows owners what is expected under strict federal laws.

Testing for Gas Emissions

All fleet trucks must pass the gas emissions inspections. Vehicles that fail the inspection must be repaired to reduce the gas emissions. The trucking company faces penalties for higher levels of gas emissions. The federal laws require the proper management of the fleet to control the emissions.

Upgrading to a Selective Catalytic Reduction System

All newer commercial trucks come equipped with the selective catalytic reduction system. The systems control the harmful gas emissions by releasing the diesel engine fluid at the time of combustion. The dangerous nitrous oxide emissions are converted into a nitrogen and water mixture that isn’t harmful when released. Trucking companies are installing the systems to cut down on the emissions and protect the environment.

Containers and Pumps

Containers and pumps assist fleet owners. The products are connected to the vehicle and allow drivers to add the diesel engine fluid as directed. The pumps make it easier to fill the system with the right amount of fluid. According to the latest reports, the drivers must add the fluid after each 800-mile trip or delivery. A failure to comply leads to further penalties and greater gas emissions.

Following the Federal Regulations

The fleet owners must follow the Environmental Protection Agency regulations. The law applies to all fleet trucks and domestic vehicles that use diesel fuel. The original legislation applied to one-quarter ton truck and larger. However, today, the law has changed and included all vehicles that come with the selective catalytic reduction system.

In the US, fleet owners must follow strict laws when maintaining their vehicles. The laws require the owners to use a specific diesel engine fluid that lowers gas emissions. The product reduces the levels of nitrous oxide emitted into the environment. Selective catalytic reduction systems are necessary to control the emissions, too. Fleet owners who want to learn more about the regulations and fluids contact a supplier now.