How Police Catch Hit and Run Drivers Using Video Footage

Just because the other driver disappears after an accident does not mean they can’t be held liable for the damages. While it’s more difficult to find the other driver in most cases, it can be done. One of the ways police officers will try to catch the hit and run driver is by looking into any video footage that might be available of the accident or before it happened.

Dash Cam Footage

Many drivers today have dash cam footage, and this can provide exactly what the police need if the owner witnessed the accident. Many times, the police can get the license plate number from the dash cam footage and use that to find the driver of the vehicle. Even if the license plate is not clear enough to read or it’s too dark to read it, there may be enough information for the police to use.

Video Surveillance Footage

Video surveillance footage from nearby businesses may show exactly what happened when the car accident occurred. If the hit and run driver went through the parking lot before the accident happened, the police officers may be able to get better footage of the driver and the vehicle’s license plate. Officers will typically check video footage after an accident to see what can be seen in the footage that could help them catch the driver.

Figuring Out Enough Details

Sometimes, the officers will find a little bit of information, but won’t get a full license plate number. As long as they have a partial number, the police may be able to find the hit and run driver. They can use the make, model, and color of the vehicle along with the partial number to find out what the whole license plate number is and use that data to figure out who owns the vehicle. Every little bit of information will help.

If you’ve been in a car accident caused by another driver who took off after the accident, the police may be able to gather enough evidence to catch them. Take the time to learn more about How Police Catch Hit and Run Drivers now to see other techniques they might use to catch the driver that hit you.

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